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Suite Links bar is missing on SharePoint 2013 (Newsfeed, OneDrive links)

I had this particular case where the suite links or the Newsfeed, OneDrive link in the top nav bar where not showing except in the Central Admin.

After googling a bit I found some suggestions that were impossible to accomplish in my case. Like recreating the user profile or granting access to the profile database to the users…

I found a solution that was not that invasive and worked form me:

  1. Go to Central Administration > Manage Service Applications > User Profile Services
  2. Click on Manage User Permissionsmysite1
  3. Grant your users permissions to use the social featuresmysite2


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Remove user posts in the newsfeeds , using manage social data permission

Is possible to delete unwanted post from the Newsfeed using an Admin Account with Mange Social Data  Rights.

These are the steps:

1. – Go to Central Admin

2. – Under Service Applications, go to Manage service applications

3. – Highlight the User Profile Service and select “Administrators on the Ribbon”


4. – Chose the admin account and check the Manage Social Data Permission


Now this admin account should be able to delete users posts