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Office Web Apps 2013 patch issue – Windows Update KB2592525 must be installed

During an OWA 2013 installation on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Sp1 I got the following error,

The operation failed, The server did not meet the following prerequisites: – Windows Update KB2592525 must be installed.


It was strange since all prerequisites and patches were intalled, anyway I looked for the KB2592525 update, downloaded it but i couldnt install it, I got a “not applicable in your computer” error…

This update is not applicable to your computer


To resolve this Issue I tried a manual installation which was succesful for me, the steps are the following:

  1. Create a folder, I called mine “KB2592525” and  is located in C:
  2. Place the downloaded MSU file there
  3. Using CMD navigate to the folder “KB2592525”
  4. Manualy Extract the files in the MSU using the following command line:
    1. expand Windows6.1-KB2592525-x64.msu –F:* C:\KB2592525
    2. You should see something like this:
    3. owapa2
  5. Now, install the extracted cab file using the Pkgmgr command:
    1. pkgmgr /ip /
  6. After this I didn’t get any “Installation Succeeded”… just a new command line will tell you that everything is ok…

I tried to Install OWA again after running those command and this time it completed correctly