Branding, Branding, SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Dialogs flickering on Internet Explorer (IE)

I had an strange issue in a SharePoint page were the SharePoint dialogs made the screen flickers as the mouse pointer was moving around the site. I notice that the gray background wasnt there but if i resized the browser the gray background will appear and the flickering issue went away.

It seems that SharePoint has a issue trying to calculate when to block the background if the body overflow is not set to hidden…

After a few test I overwrite the body.v4master and the dialogs worked as expected.

This is the class I added (You can also overwrite the propery in the corev4.css but i wont advise you to do that):

 overflow:hidden !important;

On another similar situation but with a custom branding where I wasnt allowed to use the overflow:hidden, it also worked using position:relative


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